Adam Bolster – Deepings SC Lincs

Hi Nigel

I would be delighted to give you my comments.

The facilities are excellent. It is great to be able to see your child swim ‘under’ the water as well as from all angles, which you don’t normally get to see. The child benefits most from this facility because they can analyse their own technique and immediately see any improvement. And the CD you take away with you is a constant reminder and motivation.

Everything is professional and clean. The changing facilities and showers and other little touches all add to the service.

Jack Lay is superb with Adam and his ability to explain and communicate with a boy of his age is a tremendous help. Adam thinks he’s ‘cool’!

Whenever I’ve had to telephone whoever has answered the phone has been very helpful and polite. We always get the appointment we would like.

So far I’ve recommended the service to everyone at the club who has heard we’ve been, and will continue to do so. The Templar family will soon be contacting you, and in January the Perkins and McKnights.

We are so glad we found you – it was just the boost Adam needed.

Cheryl Carter
Dave Bolster
Adam Bolster – Deepings Swimming Club