Aiden Page City of Coventry

Aiden has recently attended his second Swim Therapy session, this time with Matt. The first session was a great success and Aiden’s session with Matt certainly lived up to expectations. Matt immediately pin-pointed various ways that Aiden could improve on the efficiency of his freestyle. The phrase, “the camera never lies”, comes to mind. Aiden was able to actually see, from all angles how he swims, not how he thinks he swims. Matt worked with Aiden on each separate issue and then brought it all together. At all times Matt was patient and took the time to explain why. Aiden has the full support of his club and now has many specific drills to work on in training, more importantly, he now knows why he is doing them and what he is trying to achieve. The DVD’s have played an important part for Aiden. With a few weeks between sessions, he has been able to revisit a DVD and thus been able to stay on track. Thanks Matt