Alex Riordon – Leamington Spa SC

Alex attended 2 sessions over the last 3 three weeks and in both cases they were well constructed, informative and an excellent process in showing him where the improvements had to be made.

Because despite how many times we parents try to give feedback to our kids, they don’t listen to us. Using the video and showing back to Alex was brilliant and getting him to review his performance was extremely effective. The way feedback was given by Nigel and Matt was constructive and motivational and the improvements attained were immediate.

The video disks are an excellent reminder to ensure Alex keeps up the remedial work he needs to do in order to maintain the correct strokes. Alex will be speaking with his coach to ensure he continues his programme which I am sure he will be more than happy to do.

Alex’s backstoke has improved beyond recognition and he is working hard on his fly and breakstroke. My only regret is that I hadn’t done this earlier.

Cheers Ester