Andy Griffin Triathlete

Hitting a performance plateau some 4+ years ago and in an attempt to improve, I’ve attended weekend training sessions with a past Olympic champion, a coach with more than his fair share of elite triathletes, as well as video analysis sessions with three ‘220’ coaches of the year and an international triathlon swim coach. All these sessions were informative but did not unlock my potential (measured by efficacy and speed) which I know I have. Swim Therapy was my last throw of the swim improvement dice.

The Swim Therapy session was very professionally done, and for me the best in my experience. While it did not highlight anything significantly new regarding analysis of my stroke, what worked really well for me was the approach, which included instant feedback, gaining the ‘feel’ of what’s right, and my personal DVD having excellent commentary.

I record all my swim sessions with a Pool-Mate Pro so I have objective data to compare my performance before and after my Swim Therapy session. With my swim motivation reignited, I hit the pool over the Christmas break almost daily, once twice in one day (never done before), and focused on the drills preceded; I was able to replicated the ‘feeling’ I gained during my session. Within two weeks I was swimming consistently with greater efficiency and speed at a lower rate of perceived effort. Still quite a bit more to be done so I’m expecting much more improvement

I’ll be a regular visitor to Swim Therapy (already booked my next session) and have no hesitation in recommending to friends committed to improving their stroke technique.