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Felix Farmer

Hi. Just to say the session my son, Felix Farmer, had with Jay at Swimtherapy was brilliant. The focus was on improving his backstroke and it was so helpful. Jay is a natural communicator, knowledgeable and his enthusiasm and humour really helped my son to learn. Many thanks. We are telling folks how good Jay is! Best, Sophia Goddard

George Berwick 13yrs old Grantham SC

Hi Nigel,

The 2 hour session you did with George before Christmas was amazing! To deconstruct and reconstruct his Fly after he’s been practicing all his faults for about 4 years was nothing short of fantastic.

George learnt a huge amount in the time and it has benefitted his swimming confidence no end.

The weekend after the session he competed in his very first 100mtr fly race and qualified for county champs off the back of it.

Not surprisingly his 100 & 200 IM times have come down and he is warming to the idea of finding a 400 IM to try, so many thanks

Both George and his sister are looking to come for another session.

Many thanks

Simon Berwick

Ishani, Shayan and Jahnvi Patel

My 3 kids thoroughly enjoyed the Swimtherapy sessions and that is the most important box that needed to be ticked for us..But to add to it the way Nigel approached their weaknesses and talked them through how to improve them was fantastic.

My kids have been trying to apply the techniques and drills he has recommended and they are already feeling the difference even though it’s only been a few weeks.

The kids even watch each other’s videos and listen carefully to what Nigel says about their individual techniques which again is a testament to Swimtherapys methodology.

Although we ve only managed to cover 2 strokes for each of them we can t wait to get back to trial their 2 remaining strokes.

One word to describe Swimtherapy:Excellent.

Kind Regards

Chand Patel

Kathryn Pinder Masters Swimmer Lincoln Vulcans

Hi Lucy,
Really useful session with Nigel, wish I’d been years before, got to the crux of some underlying technique deficiencies that I was blissfully unaware of and found that it has made a huge difference. Sometimes working harder just reinforces bad habits.
Happy for my comments/ name to be posted on your website if you wish
Kind regards

Emily Edwards – Leicester Sharks

Thank you Nigel for an excellent two hour session with my 12 year old daughter Emily last week.

In a short space of time you managed to essentially to deconstruct her current breast stroke and rebuild it with simple but effective changes to massively improve her streamline position and leg action. I know she thoroughly enjoyed it as she is keen for another session.

I have to say the video footage is invaluable. Daughters don’t listen to their dad’s at the best of times especially when their rubbish at the thing their trying to talk to them about! Being able to repeatedly watch yourself get it right in a controlled environment not only concentrates the mind but gives you the confidence and the reassurance that you can get it right.

Neil Edwards

15th November 2016

Greg Hilliard

I really enjoyed the session. Very relaxed environment which is great for learning. Excellent facilitation by Nigel in helping me to understand my stroke faults and therefore be able to correct them.

The facilities are great – cameras from all angles and the spooky mirror so you can see yourself swimming and more importantly the debrief following each and every training suggestion.

I did like the chuck in some Persil and my washing and I could do that as well comment J

The cherry on the cake was the memory stick and coached videoing so that I could re-watch before each of my training sessions to build and improve.



Don Collins

Hi Zichen,

“It’s always great to do a session at SwimTherapy. There is an immediate improvement. I only wished we lived closer so we could do more sessions without waiting for the school breaks.”

No problem in using my name.

See you tomorrow.

Best regards,


Lancaster University Swim Squad

A massive thank you to coach Nigel Kube and SwimTherapy for the freestyle technique clinic performed at Lancaster University this weekend. Huge improvements were made in the knowledge and understanding of the stroke and this was already beginning to be implemented into our performance by the time the session ended. A fantastically delivered session providing us with the necessary scope to dramatically improve our technique within our own sessions. SwimTherapy is a must for any individual or swimming club looking to better their capabilities and efficiency in the water. A brilliant service that is wholly recommendable. Thanks again. Lawrence Copeman (Captain), Alice Lilley (Vice-Captain) and Lancaster University Swimming Club.


Hi Zichen

I felt the session was really beneficial and I felt I made massive progress this time.

I’m looking forward to practising the skills in my training and feel that I know how to do this as a result of the coaching and feedback I received.

Many thanks again for an excellent session and I am happy for you to use my comments on the website if you feel appropriate.

Best wishes


Isla Coull – Swimmer Scotland


Isla really enjoyed the swimming session. Ari made the session fun for Isla and kept her focused on the learning of front crawl and her butter fly, Isla learnt a lot from the session, and i also learnt a lot too as a parent, Isla has been putting her home work DVD in to practice and is gaining and getting more improved results each day. we will defiantly be coming back and would recommend you to our friends. I am happy for you to put my comments on your website
Thanks again.

George Parker Lichfield SC

Thanks to Ari for all your feedback on George’s swim technique.

He’s been putting it all into practice and can’t wait for his next Open meet to hopefully see his hard work reflected in new PB’s.

Your coaching was excellent and George really enjoyed his time with you and will be back to see you again.

Rodney & Sue

Falcon ASC – Coaches Day at SwimTherapy

Hello Nigel

I would like to thank yourself and Ariadna for the coaches session that Falcon ASC attended.

In total 10 coaches attended and 4 swimmers. We spent the day picking up vital information regarding swimming technique and correction methods. Ariadna was really good with all 4 swimmers as they were different levels of ability.

I was really proud to see all 10 of my coaches fully engaged in the day. Since the SwimTherapy session there has been a very positive attitude towards supporting progression and sparked new life into progressing our club even further.

I would recommend the coach session as a way of supporting the development of the coaching team and in turn the swimmers.

Excellent day, well worth the money.

We shall return on mass again.

Ian Melvin

Falcon ASC
Head Coach

Corey Minott

Hi Swimtherapy

Thank you for the session with Corey.

Both I and Corey thought the whole experience was superb. He learnt a lot about the damage he has experienced through his breaststroke technique, and we felt everything was well considered and explained. He has much to do in training to redress his situation but we are looking forward to coming along again for you to review his progress.

The advice on his fly, which he is getting to enjoy was valuable, and ditto his main stroke freestyle where he gained some really fine tips.

I would particularly like to say how I thought Adianna was just great with Corey. He is young and not easily confident with strangers, and she made him feel at ease so well, but was in my unqualified view, a super teacher, technique and swim coach.

The facility is amazing and the whole experience well worth it.

Many thanks

Ralph Minott (Dad)

Steve Holland – Triathlete

Dear Kate,

Comments on my swim therapy session.

‘The aim of my swimming is to participate in local triathlons. The aim of doing these is to spread the training load and avoid injury as I get older. I had last been to Swim Therapy a couple of years ago and been working away and making progress but had reached a bit of a plateau. This was the first time I had met Ari( not sure on spelling here).

She quickly picked up on a couple of very specific things, explained them clearly and outlined some simple drills to embed these changes. The changes, although not huge, were immediately effective.

There are other aspects she wants to pursue when I next go back, but wisely focussed on a few things to change now and get right rather than overload my poor old brain with too long a list.

I like the attitude at Swim Therapy. Even though they also work with top level swimmers they are patient and not condescending in anyway with late starters and slow learners like me.’


Steve Holland MIExpE FRGS

Luke & Gemma – Swimmers


I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and Aria for a great session today. Gemma and Luke have gone away having lots to work on and feeling very positive about their strokes.

What is great about the sessions is that it is made fun but informative and the kids go away understanding what they have to do.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Kindest regards


Jessica Church

Just wanted to let you know, within a week of jess coming for her swim therapy session, she was chosen to be in the clubs relay team at county champs. She was brilliant and she helped her team get a 3rd place and a bronze medal. Im sure that Ari had a part to play in her performance.
Many thanks again and see you soon,

Jessica Church

Hi Kate,
Both my girls have been to sessions now and they both enjoyed and gained a lot from it. Ari was brilliant with them both she really made the session enjoyable and most important, understandable for them. We hope to see you again soon.
It will be fine to publish our comments.
Many thanks
Paula Church

Tahira Collins – Bolton Metro

“There is no doubt that the system works. The swimmer can really see and understand the flaws in his or her technique at the start of a session and is able to improve significantly by the end of a single session.”

Mandy Barker – Coach Falcon ASC

I have been today to swim therapy as a coach with Falcon ASC, I just wanted to say a big thank you, I thought it was a fantastic experience & I have picked up some great tips to pass onto my swimmers.

Pat Weller

I had a superb session with Ariadna yesterday. As usual she found lots of things to work on to improve my stroke. We worked mainly on my frontcrawl and with the help of the cameras I could clearly see what I needed to improve on for my stroke to be more efficient. Ariadna had lots of different techniques to help put things right and I now have lots of things to work on. I highly recommend a session with Swimtherapy you will not be disappointed. Thanks Ariadna!! If only I lived closer I would visit regularly!
Best wishes
Pat Weller

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