Ben Withers – Preston – Barracuda

I had heard about swim therapy from someone who had used it previously. I knew that my son needed help with his butterfly as he just hadn’t got it at all, his backstroke also needed some tweaking so I booked a session for the Easter holidays in the hope that swim therapy would help to improve these two strokes. I later spoke to my sons coach who said that we should concentrate on his best two strokes not his worst. I was a little confused at this point as I thought my son had a pretty good freestyle and breaststroke but decided to take the advice and let swim therapy look at these two strokes. I am so glad I did! I soon came to realise that although I thought his strokes were good I soon realised that there was much that could be done to improve them. It was amazing to be able to see underwater views of my sons stroke and to be able to discuss how we could improve his overall technique. The swim therapy team were great, they made my son feel at ease and constantly praised his efforts, by the time we left his strokes had already improved and we were well on the way to winning the next gala he was entered in I was sure. We left with a DVD of the session and a voice over so that we could continue working on making changes when we got back home. We plan to visit again in the next few months to look at his other two strokes once we have completely mastered the ideas already given to us. Thank you so much for what you have already done, the experience was fascinating and well worth it. Can’t wait to visit again.