Claudia Chapman – Sedgefield 75 SC

the two hour session for my 11 year old daughter fit her needs and criteria 100%. my daughter has learning problems with verbal commands and concentration, which is a real problem for her at her local swimming club and in life in general. richard was patient, clear and precise in what he observed and in what he wanted from my daughter. with richard being youngish my daughter could relate to him much better than she can with her current coach. there was never an overload of information throughout the two hour period, which is fantastic for any swimmer. it was all done in incremental steps. only moving on when that particular movement was achieved. the enviroment and one to one coaching like i said earlier suited my daughters needs, no distractions and as a result she thoroughly enjoyed it. which is what it is all about!!! although there is no initial improvement in times as yet on her freestyle, she already looks so much more comfortable, so in time i have no doubt her times will fall. i couldnt find critisism, but my daughter could. she said that at times she became cold as the water was quite cold, but it was a particularly cold day with snow and ice of which no one has any control of. as a sports scientist cold does affect concentration. food for thought may be. to sum it up, Excellent coaching in an Excellent environment. thanks julian

ST Response – Water temp 30.5 degrees, air temp (in pool area) 31 degrees….though freezing outside, so there may have been a draught….we will look into it.