Corey Minott

Hi Swimtherapy

Thank you for the session with Corey.

Both I and Corey thought the whole experience was superb. He learnt a lot about the damage he has experienced through his breaststroke technique, and we felt everything was well considered and explained. He has much to do in training to redress his situation but we are looking forward to coming along again for you to review his progress.

The advice on his fly, which he is getting to enjoy was valuable, and ditto his main stroke freestyle where he gained some really fine tips.

I would particularly like to say how I thought Adianna was just great with Corey. He is young and not easily confident with strangers, and she made him feel at ease so well, but was in my unqualified view, a super teacher, technique and swim coach.

The facility is amazing and the whole experience well worth it.

Many thanks

Ralph Minott (Dad)