Dan Wade – Leyland Barracuda

Hi Nigel

Dan’s 2 hour session with Jack and input from Steve was fantastic. Jack’s approach to teaching Dan was great. Dan learnt loads, but there was still an element of fun, which made it an enjoyable but very constructive swimming session.

I brought Dan’s Chief Coach Gillian Rankin from Leyland Barracudas with me, we were both very impressed.

Gill has been teaching Dan since he was 4, both privately and with the Club. She was able to spot things with Dan’s Freestyle and Backstroke via the camera shots, that would not have been as easily picked up on at a normal swim session.

Dan really enjoyed the day and watches the DVD before training sessions, we have noticed a really big difference/improvement in both strokes since last Friday.

Dan will definately be returning to Swim Therapy in the near future.

Kind Regards

Sheena Wade