David Whittaker – Triathlete


Just wanted to say thanks for your help with my swimming. Having just set another 1500m PB I thought it only right to give some feedback on the genuine impact of Swim Therapy on an ordinary 38 year old age group triathlete.

My swimming is entirely self taught and until recently my 1500m PB was 25:30 (achieved 6 years ago and completed in a state of near exhaustion that would have rendered completion of a triathlon impossible). In the last 2 years my best has been 26:30 in Jan 2010.

On 25 Feb 2010 I visited Swim Therapy for a 90 min session at which time you identified amongst my (many) faults – hip position/leg drag, head position/movement and a massive crossover in my freestyle arm stroke.

I can’t claim to have addressed all my issues but took this analysis away and stopped my long sessions altogether for about 6 weeks, concentrating on stroke, drills and shorter repeat sets.

Result – Since mid Apr, I still only swim 3 sessions a week for no more than 30-45 mins but when I do allow myself a 1500m time trial, I am now hitting sub 24:40 every time and have a new PB of 24:13. Even on my PB I felt easy, long and fluid and could happily have continued a triathlon afterwards. I now have my sights set on slowly cruising to sub 24 mins!

I simply cannot stress enough the benefit of the wisdom and analysis I received to open my eyes to what I was doing, allowing me to address these faults rather than just train harder.

Best money spent on sport in years!


Dave – Triathlete