Douglas Fraser – Triathlete

• 1 year ago I swam 1500m in record time of 46 min. Tonight after working 8.30am to 7pm and feeling shattered 34 mins
• 1yr ago 23 or 24 strokes per length. Now started with 18 up to 20/21 and then 23/24 before a big last 6 effort for 21 need to get fitter

So in the course of 1 year I have improved by 12 minutes for a swim of 1500metres. Wow. Quite an improvement and when you bear in mind that back in 2012 I was on gardening leave and able to prepare for the swim perfectly and in 2013 I had been at work from 8.30 till 7 it really hammers home the improvement. The other difference was in how I felt afterwards. In 2012 swimming any further was nigh on impossible whereas now I could go further. I don’t know if I can take another 12 minutes off in the next year but I’m sure I can improve to sub 30 minutes.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 5th of March.