Jake Elson – Ilkeston SC – Revisit 25th June 2013

Dear Kate

Our second visit to Swimtherapy this year and a big thank you this time to Ari for both her patience in explaining the technical nature of the underwater “catch / pull” on Freestyle and Butterfly to our 14 year old son (who often thinks he is doing everything right) and also for helping him put this into practice on the day.
It wasn’t until we watched the DVD back that we could all see the difference in his underwater work and Ari assured Jake that this would make him faster, given his size and strength. He has already been practising the new techniques in training and says he can feel the difference – a recent sprint session put him within 1 second of the 50m Fly County time (which he has never had). This weekend at an Open Meet he knocked a further 2.5 seconds off his 100m Free and a massive 5 seconds off his 100m Butterfly (his previous PBs were only in May 2013!)
To say that these sessions work (and work quickly) is an understatement and I cannot recommend them enough, so many thanks once again and Jake wants to come back for more!

Paula Elson