Jim Haylett – Triathlete Sheffield

As a poor at swimming triathlete I found the session massively useful. I don’t go to masters sessions or anywhere that I can get someone to observe my stroke, so having someone video and analyse the bits I can’t see enabled me to understand what i need to change. I have previously gone to the pool and just ploughed up and down getting marginally faster, but probably due to getting fitter rather than better. I now have seen what I am doing wrong and more importantly with the expert advice during the session been able to do it right and know what it feels like to do it right. Before going, I actually thought i had an idea what was wrong with my stroke, which side was my weak side etc but the video analysis was a revelation identifying some things as poor that i thought were ok, and some things as ok that i thought were poor! This is the important benefit of a Swimtherapy session, just because something feels natural doesn’t mean it is right, and of course vice versa.

It has only been a few weeks since my session, but i can already tell the difference and am systematically addressing the many points raised in the session. I will be going back in a few months to make sure i am putting into practice what i learnt and get the next set of issues to be addressed.”


Jim (Do I get a discount next time for a glowing review!!!!!!)

ST Response – If we are as good as you say we are, we should be charging you more! Lol