Lorain McCann – Chester Tri


I am delighted to report that I was very happy indeed with the coaching session I had with Matt.

I thought he had a very good coaching technique for the following reasons:

He asked a lot of questions about what I thought I was doing and actually listened to the answers. This forced me to think about what I was experiencing in my swim technique.

He raised my awareness about what I was doing and made me identify what I was trying to achieve.

He managed the timing well by ensuring we did enough on each area but kept us moving forward to identify the next target area for improvement.

He helped me priorities the areas I should work on to get the maximum benefit.

He was very competent with the video software and used it well to illustrate points, without it becoming a distraction or dominating the session.

His general manner was confident, competent and relaxed.

I will happily recommend SwimTherapy to club members and friends who are interested in this type of swim coaching