Michael L – Swimming Parent West Mids

Both our daughters love competitive swimming. They both train with and swim for a Midland Speedo League Div 1 team and have competed nationally for their school at U13 and U12 level. However, there is much more they could learn, particularly in terms of technique. We were attracted to SwimTherapy by the opportunity it provided for both one-to-one coaching and the underwater/slow-motion view provided by the camera/computer set-up. We were not disappointed.

The sessions were coached by Jack Lay whose relaxed style with and clever questioning of our daughters quickly highlighted some key areas on which to concentrate. After the warm-up, these areas were investigated via the underwater camera arrangement. In our younger daughter, we quickly identified an issue on rotation in the freestyle and later with the second leg-kick in the fly. With our older daughter, it was her freestyle legkick and the rotation on her backstroke that needed attention. At the same time, Jack was able to identify and praise the positives and indeed instil a confidence in our older daughter that she did not have in her own backstroke. The sessions gave them each as individuals something to think about and concentrate on with their own technique and from last night’s training session it seems there has already been some improvement!

The sessions were relaxed, interesting and enjoyable – in our view, value for money. The facilities were warm and clean and the endless pool arrangement worked well.”