Nik Spears Aged 14 Watford SC

Hi Nigel,
We had a good session with Matt. He started by concentrating where Nik had a problem. Matt was able to identify what the cause might be and showed Nik how to adjust his stroke to remedy this. Then Matt went on to look at Nik’s overall style. There seem to be many areas that need tweeking, his angle of breathing, rotation of his hips, movement of his head and more frquent kicking.
I would find it hard to concentrate on so many areas but Nik has been trying to put it into practice. This works until he’s tired in the training sessions and then old habits come back. His shoulder does not hurt while he does the 400 sections but by the 800 kicks sectionit’s not so good. Given that the club has just finished its summer break and so there has been a rest for his shoulder, we must see how it holds out and then decide if any physio. is necessary. Matt suggested if we went down that road, to take the CD and show it. This seems a sensible step to take but I feel the correction to the stroke may prevent the injury recurring.
Please pass on our thanks to Matt for all the useful and knowledgeable directions he gave Nik. It was a most useful session and one Nik can use throughout his training sessions.
Thanks, Gill Spears.