North Lancs Association – Coaches course at SwimTherapy

REF: Swim Therapy training course for Harry Murphy (North Lancashire Inter association vice captain) & Ian Murphy(Father).

Firstly may I ask you to thank all the committee members for this first class opportunity, both Harry and myself fully enjoyed the experience.
The coaching that Matt & Nigel delivered from Swim therapy was first class, they based the training skills at all levels and involved the swimmers in every aspect of the day.

The atmosphere was relaxed and the content very informative, I noticed many of the coaches making notes, and comments like ‘well I’ll be using that next week’ was common.

Overall the day was a success in my eyes, great training for the coaches, the swimmers (guinea pigs) had a great opportunity to improve their strokes, a chance for coaches from the region to mix and discuss issues, the lunch provided was excellent, refreshments readily available all day, and everyone left with a buzz.

Harry can’t wait to see the DVD once they are released from Swim Therapy.

Once again thank you very much, and I only hope that this can continue for others to have this opportunity.