Owen Harding – Sutton Swimming Club

This is my sons second visit to Swim Therapy and once again we were equally impressed with the results.
This visit was to concentrate on his back stroke technique and to recap on his breast stroke that he had previously struggled with prior to visiting Swim Therapy.
Wow once again the results and difference in technique was impressive. Owen showed straight away back at his club the difference in his swim style. Many of the other parents have noticed his breast stroke improvement and he has finally achieved his county time. With a number asking how he has changed his style.
Another session is already booked and further ones are planned to be booked.
I cannot recommend this enough if used in conjunction your clubs sets, you will see improved results.
The best part though is the obvious enjoyment I see from my child when he is there and the satisfaction he gets from seeing the results as the sessions are delivered at the correct pace and pitch so that all the detail sinks in.
Thanks once again and we will see you soon.