Paul Sefton – Coach Satellite SC Macclesfield

Just wanted to thank you for a great session today as a coach for 15 years it is very refreshing to be able to have access to such a facility.
From my point of view it was a valauble 90mins session focussing on some key areas of Chelsea’s stroke on FR and FLY, the key to the whole session was that Chelsea could see this for herself what she was doing in the water and understand from viewing on the large screen straightaway what aspects of the stroke needed attention, instant feedback.
The introduction of correct drills during the session were at the right intensity and executed to a good standard but leaving Chelsea with that thought “What I need to focus on in training back at the club”..
Chelsea has got some valuable footage on the CD of the session which we will use as a reference point to develop her stroke. It would be good to revisit.

Congratulations on a top setup, only wish you were 20mins down the road. Well worth making the effort to come over to Leicester (1hr 35mins away) and look forward to working with you again very soon.

Thanks again for memorable afternoon, already looking forward to my next visit.

Paul Sefton
Chelsea’s Coach

Satellite SC