Sandeep Kaur – Enderby Swimming Club

Hello Nigel and Jack,

Following my recent Swim Therapy session I would like to forward the following comments.

I’d like to thank both Nigel and Jack for their support during the session. The facilities are absolutely first class, the electronic digital photographic equipment is nothing short of brilliant. The teaching technique is easy to understand and the instructions given easy to implement.

The instructors are clearly passionate about their job and this is reflected in their attitude and also the expense which must have gone into building such a brilliant facility.

I have implemented all the drills which were suggested to me and already my stroke has shown improvement.The session CD which I received has proved to be essential when I need to remind myself of my session.
I look forward to visiting once again to improve one of my other strokes.

Thanks once again for all your help..
Sandeep Kaur.