Sandra Levet – Chiltern Triathletes

My first visit to Swim Therapy was about 18 months ago.

I am a latecomer to swimming, learning freestyle to compete in triathlons.
I am not a “natural swimmer” and had difficulty in gaining good technique.
I attended a variety of swim coaching days/training camps which had took
my swimming to a certain level but I wasn’t satisfied with this and was really
determined to improve beyond this.

My first session was a revelation, to actually see what I looked like in the
water was quite alarming! Nigel and Jack have proved patient and as determined
as me for my swimming to improve, trying all different approaches to correcting
faults and teaching me correct technique, this has not always been easy!

Swim Therapys state of the art video and computer equipment provide you with
quality video analysis which is invaluable! To be able to break down each element of the stroke and study each phase individually really helps you realise what is actually
happening and how to correct any faults.

18 months later my swimming is one of lifes pleasures. I feel comfortable and
confident in the water and now coach my training companions. I have still alot
to learn so aim to visit Swim Therapy every 4-6 weeks. I have learnt that there
is no “quick fix” to swimming, but with regular visits and then going away and
practising what we have worked on, my stroke is now coming together nicely.

Nigel and Jack are always just a phone call or email away for any questions or

I would recommend Swim Therapy to anyone who is “serious” about improving
their swim stroke.

Sandra Levet
Amersham Cycling Club/Chiltern Triathletes