Simon Edwards – Carlton Forum Masters Swimmer

After a very long break between finishing my competitive swimming at the age of 18 and starting Masters swimming 29 years later my stroke technique certainly needed improvement ..

I attended a 2 hour session at Swim Therapy with Ariadna specifically to improve my very old freestyle. The improvements and changes Ari has made has completely changed my stroke . The instant video replay and Ari’s excellent coaching made it very easy for me to adjust and improve my technique during the session .
Her enthusiasm throughout made it a very enjoyable and fun experience .

I am now practising my body position , stretch , catch and rotation as much as possible and can feel my stoke becoming much smoother and more powerful .

I will certainly return for a refresh and to start on a new stroke as well ..

I would recommend anyone who wants to improve their stoke and technique to have a session with Ari .

Thanks very much