Steve Holland – Triathlete

Dear Kate,

Comments on my swim therapy session.

‘The aim of my swimming is to participate in local triathlons. The aim of doing these is to spread the training load and avoid injury as I get older. I had last been to Swim Therapy a couple of years ago and been working away and making progress but had reached a bit of a plateau. This was the first time I had met Ari( not sure on spelling here).

She quickly picked up on a couple of very specific things, explained them clearly and outlined some simple drills to embed these changes. The changes, although not huge, were immediately effective.

There are other aspects she wants to pursue when I next go back, but wisely focussed on a few things to change now and get right rather than overload my poor old brain with too long a list.

I like the attitude at Swim Therapy. Even though they also work with top level swimmers they are patient and not condescending in anyway with late starters and slow learners like me.’


Steve Holland MIExpE FRGS