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Sam Oliver – City of Leicester

Hi All.
Many thanks for your superb coaching once again. This was the third visit to swim therapy and the improvements just get better and better every time.
Your coach Arry picks up on the smallest details and improves them. She is able to implement changes to the swimmer’s technique that they understand and are able to take onboard. The difference during the session is remarkable. Even if you think your technique is good theres always room for improvement and at this level its the small improvements that matter. All we need to do now is implement the changes during regular training sessions and who knows what will happen.
Many thanks for you help and im sure we will see you soon.
On behalf of Sam.
Regards Jason Oliver.

Ellie Read 12 Sutton in Ashfield SC


Thankyou for your email, sorry it’s taken me a few days to reply, and yes of course you can post the following with my name no problem!

My daughter Ellie was lucky enough to have won first prize in the Swimtherapy competition for a 2 hour session! Obviously we were over the moon and arrived with excitement if not a little apprehensive. We were made to feel very welcome straight away from point of reception and the introduction to the coach, Ari. Ari was a wonderful lady, she was fun and explained everything really easily to Ellie, and certainly had a lot of knowledge to give. Ellie found the session really useful, loved every minute of it, and has watched the video of it frequently since. She now needs to follow Ari’s advice in training to see the results. I would highly recommend booking a visit and would definitely go again in the future!

Jenni Read

Sam Oliver – City of Leicester 18th Sept 2014

Hi All.
I would just like to say a massive thank you for not only last nights session but for the previous one as well. The professional way in which there were conducted was second to none. The information my son received was inspirational. If you are doing another special offer again as the one at the moment please contact me and we will book another session straight away.
On behalf of my son Sam and myself I would like to say thank you once again.
Yours sincerely
Jason Oliver.

Sarah Howes 30th Aug 2014

After hearing about SwimTherapy from friends I received a voucher as a 58th birthday present. As I am only a self taught ‘swim to keep fit’ swimmer I was a little worried about the session but it was brilliant. I came away with lots to practice and I am now getting so much more out of my swimming sessions’

Many thanks


Matthew Hadden 15 (Luton) Putteridge SC

Hi Kate,

please pass on our thanks to Ari for Matthew’s first session with her on Monday. He enjoyed it and Ari picked up on loads of points re his technique where there is plenty of scope for improvement. We have already recommended it to some other parents at Putteridge Swimming Club.

You have my permission to place these comments on your website.

Thank you once again.

Louise Haden

Hayley Milne – Swimmer Aug 2014

Hi Kate

Please thank Ari very much for Hayley’s session the other evening. She really enjoyed it and she has gained a lot from it. As this is the club’s summer break we’ve only had one water session since but once the sessions start back she will try and implement all Ari’s advice. In the meantime she is practicing as best as she can on dry land! We’ve watched the DVD several times already and it is really helpful. For the first time ever Hayley has been able to see herself swimming and she has been able assess her strokes and see for herself where her technique needs improving. She is also doing core exercises daily and hopefully we’ll see improvement there soon.

We hope to return to you in a couple of months’ time. I’ll be in touch.

Sharon Milne

Paul – Triathlete

A tiring yet enjoyable 90 minutes spent in the pool. Everything I thought was going wrong in my technique turned out be be better than expected and most of what was wrong couldn’t have been identified so easily without the benefit of the underwater mirror and cameras. Plenty for me to work on until my next visit. Friendly, welcoming and not the least bit intimidating.
Many thanks

Sarah & Jamie Glen Chorley Marlins July 2014

2nd session with Ari, (11 yr old and 9 yr old). She puts the kids at ease, makes learning fun and works with them at their level of understanding .
Immediate improvements on the next training session were seen and plenty of ideas to work on too.
Having seen themselves on telly from various angles the kids can appreciate the camera work from the commonwealth games and see how the experts are using the same techniques they have been taught. .
Permission for posting on website

Best Regards


Isaac Murray Tues 25th March 2014

Hi Nigel,
Just wanted to thank you and Ari for yesterday, he absolutely loved it. The difference in his stroke at the end was amazing.
Ari has a very special way of explaining things which made it fun for him….he couldn’t stop grinning..!! Ask her about the “pig on a stick”..!!
Have booked again, he cant wait to have another go.

Kind Regards

Maddie & James Hides City of Sheffield 28th Feb 2014

Hi Kate and Nigel

Just a quick note to say thank you for the session last week, it was fantastic.

Ari is a superb coach and her method and manner with the children was exceptional, she made the session fun and functional and both my children gained a huge amount out of it, we have been practising the exercises Ari gave us both in and out of the water and I can see improvement already.

Please pass on my thanks to Ari and I hope we can see her again soon

Best regards


Owen Harding Age 9 Sutton in Ashfield SC

Hi Kate,
Owen had 2 sessions in one week to recap all of his strokes. This was the first time that he had worked with Ari and straight away he felt at ease. Ari put a lot of emphasis on body position, technique in the water and focusing on breathing which is often overlooked. This was delivered in a fun way that made Owen understand why it’s important. He was given drills to practice at home which again was fun.My son is 9 and will be competing in his first counties this year. He already has his counties times for the 9,10 and some 11 year old disciplines, he has a small build and not the natural power that some swimmers have, what he does have with the help of swim therapy and his club is technique, stamina and the confidence in knowing that these are more important long term, which will help him this year but more importantly help in in the many years and competitions to come, especially as he develops and grows.
The videos that you get are always beneficial to recap the session, however Ari managed to get Owen to think more as to why he needs to do things in a certain way and what benefits he would have by doing this. I know that he came away understanding all of the key points and was looking forward to getting into the pool to practice them.
The only downside to the visit is that he now wants a Cockapoo just like Nigel’s!!!

Thanks again and Owen will see you soon

Pat Weller – Wareham Dorset

‘I had another brilliant session with Ariadna last week (the first one was 2 months ago). I highly recommend Swimtherapy for anyone who would like to improve their swimming technique. Having to undo about 50 years of bad habits is going to be challenging but I’m looking forward to trying! I find the video coaching invaluable as you can see exactly where you are going wrong. As I live 200 miles away it is not easy to book regular sessions but I will certainly try to return in 2 – 3 months to see how I have improved and get some more valuable tips.
Thanks Ariadna (Swimtherapy).

Lucy Rathbone – CABS

Hi Kate
Lucy loved Swim therapy.In a few simple and easy to follow steps Ari has completely transformed Lucy’s front crawl. On returning to her club after the Christmas break this was immediately noticed by her coaches and she has been moved up to the top lane, which was a welcome boost for her. Lucy is naturally very shy but Ari immediately engaged with her and made the session so much fun. The session really enthused Lucy and she has watched the CD many times, it has been so valuable. We had a 2nd session on 6th January where Ari has begun to help Lucy with her Fly. I think swim therapy is amazing and good value for money. We plan to work with Ari on all of Lucy’s strokes.
With best wishes
Suzanne Rathbone

Rhiannon Saunders – Witney & District SC

Hi Kate

Both Rhiannon and I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and learned a lot. I am hoping to undertake my coaching level 1 this year, so found the whole analysis fascinating.

From a personal point of view, I was quite nervous about doing this as I’ve not swum competitively (I have a synchro swimming background), but wish to improve the efficiency of my stroke to fulfill some personal goals of swimming in some distance open water events this year (10km+). Ari was brilliant! She really put me at ease and was very encouraging. Rhi too found her style engaging and responded really well to Ari’s level of positivity and enthusiasm. I was delighted how she progressed during the session and her confidence grew. We will both carry the points forward to training sessions and look forward to reaping the benefits of the changes to our strokes.

Please feel free to use any comment!

Thanks again

Marcelo Bravo – Triathlete Oxford

Well, you are quite out of the way for me yet I was back at great logistical complexity simply because the swimtherapy sessions are making massive impact on my swimming. I had watched videos, gone to coached lessons and was not improving. A couple of hours of swimtherapy and I know ( in my body memory) what i need to be doing and how to train for it. I really like Ari as a coach too. Best most efficient way to accelerate your swimming!

ST note: Oxford is almost local! We have athletes visiting us from all over Europe! Lol…great feedback Marco. Thank you

Anna & Kate Dutton – Leyland Barracuda


We bought our daughters, Anna and Kate Dutton for a session each yesterday and I would be grateful if you could pass our thanks on to Ariadna. The girls have very different abilities and temperaments and she dealt with them both in a way that suited and got the best out of each of them. Both of them enjoyed it thoroughly.

We watched Kate's video tonight before training and she is keen and enthusiastic to try out what she learnt.

Many thanks and I'm sure we'll be back.

Warm regards, Judith and Gary Dutton

Andy Webb – Triathlete


Have just returned from a 1500m training session. Please thank Adri for her advice yesterday; put all 4 key changes she made into my swimming and have jumped to another level. A lot more power and speed for the same stroke rate. Feel as though I am slicing through the water for the first time. Thanks again and see you soon.

Best Regards

Steve & Michael Dronfield Dolphins

Hi Ari,

Just a quick follow up from our Swim Therapy session on Wednesday 21 Aug. We went training on Friday and both noticed improvements straight away. Michael is now also comparing other swimmers’ technique with the advice you gave us.

I would say I feel much better in my butterfly and can really feel the rhythm of the stroke now. For frontcrawl I will have to undo +30 years of swimming the ‘old’ way but I’m working on it and it feels a lot stronger. My kick is certainly more efficient and less exhausting. I’ve also practiced what you were teaching Michael about breastroke and this feels a lot more aggressive as you said.

So a big thanks for your advice and we’ll see you again once we’ve put things into practice.



Luke Buss

I really enjoyed my session with yourselves and found it really informative. The instructor was very good and encouraging. It has helped me a lot to understand where i can improve my technique and hopefully get me swimming faster and more fluently. It is very visibly to see where i need to improve and why.
Thanks Swim therapy and hope to see you again

Brian Garraway

Hi Ariadna,

I did it!

You may remember me, I came in a few weeks ago for some help to improve my speed ahead of the 3km – Vansbrosimningen event in Sweden, it obviously worked!

After our session I managed to take 10mins off of my 3km times in the pool. On the day I managed to take off a further 20mins and completed it in an unexpected 59mins and 12 secs – pics attached – which I was particularly happy about 

All the best and thanks so much for your help

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