Tom Hempenstall – CoSTA St Albans

Tom has attended 3 sessions at SwimTherapy, the first session concentrating on his front crawl, with a little bit of breaststroke, and the other two on his butterfly, with a very little bit on backstroke. All strokes have improved following this coaching and Tom (and I) have real clarity on what we need to work on. For example, getting his shoulders clear of the water in ‘fly, entering the water gently and reaching forward on crawl, rotating/ rotating/ rotating on backstoke. The facilities/ equipment at SwimTherapy are excellent – pool, shower, cameras, computer analysis, DVD preparation. Tom has been taught by Nigel (one session) and Jack (two sessions). Both have been extremely patient with Tom, something that is important given Tom’s learning difficulties and quickly developed an excellent rapport with Tom, relaxing him and making him think about his stroke. Tom has enjoyed each session and is always keen to come back for more. We would recommend SwimTherapy to anyone. Tom swims with CoSTA swimming club at St Albans and has recently been invited to train with the Mencap GB national swimming squad. 26th November 2007