Zoe & Amy Stewart Watford SC

Hi Nigel

Just a quick note to let you know that the girls are doing well with their technique and have recently improved on their times.

Note from Zoe aged 13yrs:-

After the swim tank I have concentrated on my technique in front crawl and took in all your advice. Since then I have improved from a 1.06 to a 1.05 then 1 week later to a 1.04 for my 100m free. In my 200m free I took 5 seconds off my time, and in my 400m free I took 17seconds off my time and I really enjoyed the race. I really enjoyed visiting the swim tank and finding out what I needed to do to get better and it clearly shows I have listened and from that I have improved. Looking forward to my next visit to work on my backstroke.

See you soon


Note from Amy aged 14ys:-

Following my trip to the swim tank I have kept working hard with my front crawl technique. I never realized how poor my technique actually was and from watching the DVD I now have a better understanding of what I have to do to keep it right. Having the DVD to refer back to once in a while really helps so I can keep adjusting the faults with my stroke. Since the swim tank I have improved in front crawl with a 12 second PB in my 400m, 8 second PB in 200m and 1 1/2 second PB in 100m. I really enjoyed my visit a lot and I’m very excited to go back. I do recommend it to anyone who is serious about improving.
– Amy