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We GUARANTEE to improve your swimming technique with the latest computer controlled video technology – see our feedback section!

We are visited by athletes from all over the world. They vary from complete beginners to Olympic hopefuls… Whatever your ability, you’ll be stunned by the level of progress achieved in just one session!


At Swim Therapy we believe in high quality, focused individual assessment, training and coaching.

You will receive one-to-one expert coaching providing 100% focus on you and your technique. We use the very latest computer controlled monitoring technology for creating crystal clear footage from above and below the water. Every part of your stroke will be analysed and played back the moment you stop swimming. During the session your perception of your own technique will be adjusted to the reality, making positive changes much easier for you to implement.

At the end of your session, you can take away a video file of your session with a bespoke voice over analysis from your coach.

We guarantee to improve your swimming technique

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Diddy’s to Masters

Squad/club training sessions are usually focussed on fitness, providing few quality opportunities to improve on your technique. Swim Therapy coaches are actively involved at club/squad level and appreciate the difficult job that your coach has in getting the balance right. Due to the intensity of our sessions and the technology available to us, we believe that just one session at Swim Therapy will provide a swimmer with technique improvements that could take 18mths to generate within a club/squad session environment. Don’t forget a 33.3% increase in power will only improve your speed by 10%. A 10% improvement in technique and efficiency will improve your speed by 11%


Find your place at the front

It is a fact that most Triathletes have a poor swimming technique. We will teach you how to swim faster and smoother, saving more energy for the bike and run. SPRINT/OLYMPIC/IRONMAN No Problem!